Social Networks

Today communication has taken a all new dimension with the introduction of social networking sites . But if we look into this social networks deeply we can see that this could possibly be a problem in the long run .Many can argue the above statement as a anti-techno hippy one . They can also rate this technology to a greater extent that it has taken the humankind’s mode of communication to the next level or step . They have enabled instant communication all over the world . Any no one can differ in the statement that social network has improved the interaction in the world . But the problem is what type of interaction does this social networking sites encourage .To start-off , what do we actually mean by the word social network ? The answer might be quite easy and most common answer that peeps into our mind is websites like Facebook , YouTube and Twitter . Even though their interface might differ the most common features that all of these websites posses is they help us to get connected . These sites have done something exceptional that the whole mankind cannot do it in their 5 million years history . These sites go beyond the term "just sharing views" and they act like a "digital cafe " helping us to sharing emotions and communicating to the whole world .It is sure that the founders of Internet and social networking sites will be really happy with the fact that they have taken the man’s mode of communication to the next step . But the greatest fear is " what will happen if the people start to think that the communication through these social networking sites is better than the by person communication ? " This would disturb the socialistic nature of the humankind . And in the worst case what if the people spent more time in the digital cafe than just venturing outside their home?If a such an impact that these social networking sites can give it to the humans it can well decrease the "real life " interaction that the humans carry out . It is really a shocking survey results that states that the today’s younger generation spent more time in Facebook than the time they spent with their family . It short these social networking sites can be termed as the things that are hindering our social skills .